PXD Personal Mineral Protector

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PXD Personal Mineral Protector protects the carrier from all negative effects of non-ionizing radiation (EMR, Geopathogen, Cosmic).

Being made of the following alloy: zinc, tin, copper, molybdenum, chromium, selenium, silver and cobalt. It is an abundant source of essential microelements for the human body, which is absorbed through the skin, if necessary. As a result, it is particularly well suited for preventing and healing angina, various inflammations, allergies, eczemas, and skin diseases. At the beginning of the process of exudation, the microelements that are indispensable to your body, the surface of the medallion will become darkish, which is perfectly normal behavior.

During the first couple of days of initial use, the medallion may produce slight emotional changes, because your organism will be returning to its normal state. You will fell those changes mainly in your head. The sense of swinging will disappear after a few days. Later on, you won't even be aware of the Protector, although it will continue to work normally even after. It has no side effects and no negative impact on any other therapies.

It is best to be carried in heart chakra region.

PXD Personal Mineral Protector maintenance 

You need to clean side of the medallion that has the labyrinth on once every day. To clean it you need to put that side facing up underneath the tap, and open the tap so that cold flowing water lands on the medallion for 2 or 3 minutes.

Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.