PXD Nicochip

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The only device worldwide that reduces: extensive smell of cigarette smoke and stubs, sore throat, coughing, poisonous nicotine by 16%, CO by 21%, SO2 by 17%, NO by 3%, nervousness caused by abstaining from smoking, nicotine addiction. It helps to reduce the number of cigarettes smoked and to quit smoking.

It raises cigarette combustion temperature by 150 °C and with that principle it effects on lowering not only nicotine and all 7.000 harmful ingredients of the cigarette.

PXD Nicochip placement:

Nicochip has to be placed between foil and open box of cigarettes. The side that has the chip, has to be inserted so that it points at the box of cigarettes (red side of Nicochip is visible).

Awards, certificates, medals and honors won at some of the world's greatest exhibits of inventions, patents and innovations:

  • The British Invention Show, London, 2002
  • Eureka, Brussels, 2002
  • IENA, Nierenberg, 2002
  • Arhimed, Moscow, 2003
  • INPEX, Pittsburg, 2003
  • Nikola Teska, Novi Sad, 2003
  • INOVA, Zagreb, 2003
  • Sremska Mitrovica 2004

Patent Number: P20020698A

International Patent Application: WIPO PCT WO 2004/017772 A2 Certificate TUV

PXD Nicochip is capable of neutralizing 100.000 cigarettes.

Shelf life: Three years since initial use.