PXD Biotherapeut

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PXD Biotherapeut is small therapeutical device that is used strictly for one certain organ. It is device that can cure any kind of pain without any harmful consequences.

PXD Biotherapeut is the most powerful home device that cures pain and doesn't lose its strength up to three years. Biotherapeut emits positive energy into surrounding space, in case it is attached to body, it emits same energy on focused body area.

PXD Biotherapeut has immediate effects and it is proven by customers to recover headaches, migranes, skin allergies, kidneys, lungs and many other major organs.

PXD Biotherapeut is clinically tested and proven to have positive effects on human body and mind by IGEF, Germany - EU and BION, Slovenia - EU.


Shelf life: at least three years.