PXD Pyramid

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PXD Biopyramid reduces the negative effect on the human body that is emitted by electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Devices that emit electro-smog are GSM and UMTS transmitters in devices, wireless networks, radio waves and all sorts of electronic equipment.

PXD Biopyramid also adjusts geo-pathogenic radiation and cosmic radiation and EMR radiation. It turns negative energy into positive and emits that energy into surrounding space. Emitting frequency is 7.83Hz - Schumann Resonance.

PXD Biopyramid effects manifest in more ways than one:
  - Better sleep and sleep cycle
  - Better concentration
  - Removes sleep deprivation
  - It can calm children
  - Reduces stress feelings

PXD Biopyramid placement:

It is placed always in the center of residential or business space, always is placed on the floor, side of the pyramid that logo is on has to be turned to the north, north magnetic field activates frequency of nanocrystal metals and with that, the pyramid is activated. Protective field of pyramid spreads 3 meters in height and has the 7-meter radius (153 square meters).

PXD Biopyramid maintenance:

When bipyramid is placed in some space, the first thing it does - accumulates negative non-ionizing radiation in itself. Because of that, it is necessary to clean the pyramid. How? Our recommendation, in first month 4 times (on every 7 days) open top of the pyramid, carry it out on the sun, place it so that top opening is directed at the sun for at least 2 to 3 hours (can be longer). After the first month if there is no massive radiation it is enough to do that once a month. Biopyramid is not cleaned by glow or temperature of the Sun, it is cleaned by ENERGY of the Sun, with that being said, you can clean pyramid even if there is no direct sunlight (if it is cloudy). It accumulates Sun ENERGY not sunlight like solar panels on the roof. Note that the pyramid CANNOT be exposed to rain and snow, it cannot be filled with water!

After setting it up the pyramid will reduce NEGATIVE radiation effect by 100%!!

PXD Biopyramid is clinically tested and proven to have positive effects on human

body by IGEF, Germany - EU and BION, Slovenia - EU.

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Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.