PXD Aura Protect

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PXD Aura Protect protects carrier from all negative effects of non-ionizing radiation (EMR, Geopathogen, Cosmic).

It has been scientifically proven that every thought, every word that someone sends to us has energy. Of course, that energy isn't always positive. How to protect yourself? Aura Protect medallion inside has nanocrystal metals which frequency protects us from that kind of negative energy. Medallion is sorely personal, frequency of that nanocrystals accepts frequency of carriers DNA. That period can last 30 days after which if you were to give medallion to someone else it will be only decoration.

When you start to use Aura Protect Medallion, first 15 days it is required that you clean  medallion 2 times a day (morning and evening) with cold flowing water underneath tap, for 2-3 minutes one side and then other side also for 2-3 minutes. After first 15 days you do that only once a day.

Cold flowing water has that energy to clean negative radiation that accumulate medallion everyday.

PXD Aura Protect Medallion is best to carry at the height of the hearth chakra.


Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.