PXD Antidepressive

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PXD Antidepressive protects carrier from all negative effects of non-ionizing radiation (EMR, Geopathogen, Cosmic).

The double-sided medallion exerts positive effects on central nervous system, i.e. brain, hypothalamus, neurons, neurotransmitters, hypophysis, epiphysis, hormones, psyche and concentration.

It is capable of reducing depression, nervousness, headaches, migrane, as well as of slowing down the natural process of brain cells dying. It regulates sleeplessness and other sleeping related problems and contributes in healing of epilepsy.

It is best to be carried in throat chakra region.

PXD Antidepressive maintenance 

You need to clean both sides of medallion once every day. To clean it you need to put one side of medallion under cold flowing water underneath the tap for 2 or 3 minutes and after that do the same with the other side of medallion.

Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.