PXD Acupuncture Earring

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It forms a field that stimulates over 120 acupuncture points on the ear lobe restoring energy flow. Trough organ meridians and that way establishing organism energy balance.

Tested on humans in the BION institute where found positive impact on:

  • endocrine
  • genitourinary
  • muscular
  • respiratory and digestive system
  • pancreas
  • pituitary gland
  • brain circulation
  • heart muscle energy
  • best results at headaches, migranes, pathological headaches ...

In cloudy weather returns sensation of light in the brain thus recomended for weather-sensitive and depressive persons.

PXD Acupuncture Earring usage:

We recommend 3 hours on one ear, 3 hours on other ear alternately. Don't use at night, it fills us with energy so it can happen that you don't feel like sleeping. Accupuncture Earring can be used by all family members or even multiple people.

Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.