PXD Biotherapeutic Plate

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Everyday with physical activity, work, stress, we lose energy.

Energy loss causes the loss of the immunity, and diseases if not taken care in time.  

How to prevent and protect yourself?

Our recommendation with 4-Biotherapeut Plate setup (they emit their bio-field 80cm above itself) underneath or inside the bed (Important notice - between Biotherapeut Plate and body there CANNOT be any kind of metals - metal bed construction, mattresses with metal springs ...).

PXD Biotherapeut Plate placement:

From pillow to the lower, place 2 plates and make space for 2 - 3 plate width (depending on the height of the person) and place other 2 plates. Pointer (that is facing north) on every plate has to be directed to head (pillow). Sleep every night on that kind of place!

If you have only one Biotherapeut Plate sit down on it as long as you can (pointer on Biotherapeutics Plate has to be pointed to chair backrest) on the workplace, at your home ...

Except for personal use, Biotherapeutics Plate is used by spas, physiotherapists, masers ... Next, to great effect on patients, it is a common beneficial effect on therapists that work with patients (Lot less of fatigue, positive effect on their health issues).

Notice: Biotherapeutics Plates are not recommended to persons with build-in peacemaker (valid clinic studies are not yet finished on that subject).

PXD Biotherapeut Plate works by using the principle of the polarized magnetic field. It emits positive energy directly into tissue cells. The plate is crystal-therapy based purely on metal crystals.

PXD Biotherapeut Plate boosts energy, immunity and with that, it can have positive effects on:

  • Chronic diseases
  • Lack of concentration 
  • Depression 
  • Irritability

Energy is crucial for achieving successful top results. Leaders, sportsmen, businessman are maintaining their energy at a high level to reach their top results.

PXD Biotherapeut Plate has immediate effects and can be used to treat any kind of disease or disorder.

PXD Biotherapeut Plate is clinically tested and proven to have positive effects on human
by IGEF, Germany - EU and BION, Slovenia - EU.


Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.