PXD Biostrenght

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PXD Biostrenght protects the carrier from all negative effects of non-ionizing radiation (EMR, Geopathogen, Cosmic).

The double-sided medallion with the ability to completely balance body energy, which is essential for keeping your health in perfect condition. It increases physical durability by approximately 40% and reduces both acute an chronic exhaustion.

It has positive effects on blood and hearth, lungs and bronchioles, thymus and thyroid gland, liver, pancreas and spleen, heartbeat and blood circulation, regulates blood pressure, healing of pneumonia and tuberculosis, as well as jaundice and type hepatitis A.

It is especially recommended for sportsmen who wish to achieve top-level results, to everyone who wants to sustain the level of bioenergy in their body, and to those who are under constant pressure the whole day long.

 It is best to be carried in heart chakra region. 

PXD Biostrenght Maintenance 

You need to clean both sides of medallion once every day. To clean it you need to put one side of medallion under cold flowing water underneath the tap for 2 or 3 minutes and after that do the same with the other side of the medallion.


Shelf life: unlimited; until physical destruction.