PXD System - producing the life-long products for protection against electromagnetic, pathogenic and cosmic radiation. The products are certified and tested by several international health organizations.

Permanent solutions

for your home, workspace, family and loved ones. 

Our products are neutralizing the electromagnetic , geo pathogenic and cosmic radiation, creating the healthy environment, balanced organisms with less stress, better immunity, physical and psychological wellbeing. 

Besides the devices for your space, we have created the medallions for personal, everyday use, protecting you wherever you are. 

PXD Bio Pyramid neutralizes the non-ionizing radiation, harmful for all living organisms. Besides that, it produces the frequency of the Earth - Schumann Resonance. 

World Health Organization - 2B Group has after long-term research IARC (International Agency for the Study of Tumors) professional body WHO (World Health Organization) ranks the phone's radiation into a 2B group: possibly carcinogenic to humans.

All our products are tested and certified in Slovenia, Germany and Australia. 


EMR Radiation

Our products carrier from all negative effects of non-ionizing radiation. One of them is EMR radiation. If you would like to learn more about negative effects of EMR radiation please watch this video.

Before I had trouble sleeping, waking up at night. After buying Biopyramid I never slept better in my life.

Vesna Ljubenovic

Biotherapeut Plate solved my problems with tachycardia, depression, sleep deprivation. I would recommend it to anyone.

Vita Simic

I had pain problems all over my body, after buying PXD System I never went to see doctor about those issues.

Mira Popovic


PXD Biopyramid adjusts geo-pathogenic radiation, cosmic radiation and EMR radiation. It turns negative energy into positive and emits that energy into surrounding space. Emitting frequency is 7.83Hz - Schumann Resonance.

Watch the video about Shumann Resonance

Shumann Resonance